200mm Cameo Disk Silver, (MD)
Product Code: CDS-200-M

200mm Cameo Disk Silver, (MD)

Product Code: CDS-200-M
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Item specifics

  • Backing MD
  • Cameo Type Silver
  • Color Silver
  • Disc Diameter 200 mm
  • Grit 240 - 4000 Grit
  • Type-Material medium to hard (> 200 HV)

Product Description

CAMEO® DISK SILVER and CAMEO® DISK GOLD are lapping discs with a high, continuous removal rate. BioDiamant Liquids serve as grinding agents. The CAMEO® Disk replaces work stages, where grinding papers with a grain size of 240 - 4000 are used. The patented close meshed comb design of the CAMEO DISK optimizes performance of the sprayed-on BioDiamant Liquid. The diamond suspension remains on the disc surface which ensures optimum efficiency. The CAMEO principle guarantees optimum flatness and careful material removal for all types of specimen with lowest material consumption.

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