32oz, Cerium Oxide Slurries, 0.05µm
Product Code: PCOS-05-32

32oz, Cerium Oxide Slurries, 0.05µm

Product Code: PCOS-05-32
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Item specifics

  • Bottle Size 32 oz
  • Microns 0.05µm

Product Description

32oz, Cerium Oxide Slurries, 0.05µm (micron) - Cerium Oxide Slurries are designed for the most precise polishing on critical components where general conventional abrasive slurries cannot compete. It is formulated from blend of ingredients that allow for superior suspension and flow properties. The material is graded to a tight particle size distribution with the majority of the particles being below 1 micron. The soft settle suspension properties of our Cerium Oxide Slurries line of products produce a slurry that requires minimal agitation in order to remain in suspension. Simple aeration will provide sufficient energy to maintain an appropriate mixture. Cerium Oxide are compatible with soft and hard laps, pads, metals, and composites. Excellent results can be achieved when finishing on a pitch lap such as Gugolz or any number of synthetic pitch products. Examples of materials polished with Cerium Oxide Slurries include all manner of glass, fused quartz, single crystal quartz, zinc selenide, single crystal silicon, and fluorides.

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