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Biological Microscopes

Biological Microscopes
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-B
B Series Biological Microscope B Series Biological Microscope B104LED B203LED/B204LED B203LED-TR/ B204LED-TR 0.5X/1X C-Mount Plano-concave mirror Simple polarizing unit Polarizer, analyzer for simple polarizing unit Dark filed unit available for 4×~ 40× objective Finity Achromatic Objectives:..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-B302
B302 Series Biological Microscope Perfect Optical System High resolution and perfect definition from infinity correct optical system 100X water objective instead of 100X oil objective, more be convenient for using Perfect Appearance Design Drop-style integrated appea..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-BK5000
BK5000 Biological Microscope Quintuple turret phase contrast unit with 10X/20X/40X/100X infinity plan phase contrast objective for phase contrast and bright field observation. Dark field condenser(dry)available to 4X-40X Objective. Dark field condenser (wet) availa..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-BK6000
BK6000 Series Biological Microscope Wide field eyepiece, view field up to Φ22mm,more comfortable for observation Trinocular observing tube with dual transform Light distribution (both): 100 : 0(100% for eyepiece) 80 : 20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece) ..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-BP20
BP20 Biological Microscope Specification: Component Specifications BP20 Viewing head Monocular head,45Oinclined,360Orotating ● Eyepiece WF10X-18mm with pointer ● DIN 45mm Achromatic objective DIN achromatic objective 4X/NA0..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-BP30
BP30 Series Biological Microscope BP30 Series Biological Microscope Items Specification BP30-1 BP30-2 BP30-3 Viewing Head Monocular head,45º inclined,360º rotating ● ●   Binocular head, 45º inclined,360º rotating     ● ..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-SMART
SMART Series Biological Microscope Excellent OTICS infinity optical system, outstanding resolution and definition. Original integrated stand for excellent stability. Unique aspheric illumination system, provide bright and comfortable lighting. Various colorful matchi..
Brand: Metallography World Corporation Model: SCOPE-BIO-XSP330
XSP330M XSP330B XSP330T XSP330 Biological Microscope Specification Items XSP330M XSP330B XSP330T Finite Optical System ● ● ● Monocu..
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