8-inch (203mm) META-NETIC Disc, PSA, EACH
Product Code: NETIC-8

8-inch (203mm) META-NETIC Disc, PSA, EACH

Product Code: NETIC-8
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Item specifics

  • Diameter (in) 8-inch
  • Diameter (mm) 203 mm
  • Faxation System META-NETIC
  • Type / Type PSA / MAGNETIC

Product Description

8-inch (203mm) META-NETIC Disc a Magnetic Disc Fixation System comes in 8” (203mm), 10” (254mm), 12” (305mm) & 14” (355mm) provides a quicker and convenient method for exchanging and reusing paper discs and polishing cloths from any grinding/polishing wheel. Adapting to our polishers & grinders and as well as other types of polishers/grinders made by Buehlers, Struers, Magers, Lecos and so many others. This system converts any type of platen you may have such as an aluminum & polyester wheels. META-NETIC discs come in different sizes and can also be made to order for other sizes. META-NETIC discs one side is PSA which has pressure sensitive adhesive to grab on virtually to any type of platen material you may have and converts that wheel to a magnetic type. Thus allowing you to use any type of product made by any company.

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