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Flexible Diamond Discs by Metallurgical Supplies

Flexible Diamond Discs by Metallurgical Supplies

Flexible Diamond Discs

Flexible Diamond Discs - by Metallurgical Supplies a Metallography World Corporation

META-FORCE Flexible diamond discs are fast replacing conventional coated abrasives and are composed of 3 main elements: Grit, Bond and Backing. Various combinations of these elements offer many possibilities to meet industrial needs with the highest efficiency. The patterned segmented diamond surface has been designed for grinding materials and minimize build-up of abraded material. Produces a perfectly flat specimen. Strong interlocking arrow pattern for precision grinding and polishing similar to conventional rigid diamond tools, with an even greater performance reducing grinding and polishing processes to just a couple of steps. In addition to cutting the sample preparation time, but saving you money on other products as it only uses water for cooling. They are also known as piano grinding discs.

META-FORCE Flexible diamond discs come in 4 backing styles.

  1. PSA = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  2. MD = Steel Rubber to magnetize to your magnetic platen
  3. MP = Metal Plate for more precise finish due to flatness

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