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Diamond Hand Products by Metallurgical Supplies

Diamond Hand Products by Metallurgical Supplies

Diamond Hand Products

Diamond Hand Products - by Metallurgical Supplies a Metallography World Corporation

Diamond Discs Hand polishing pad

The most useful thing in your toolbox - Lasts 100 times longer than sandpaper!

Precision diamond super abrasive within a nickel dot matrix. Grinds glass, tiles, ceramics, bricks, stone, wood, paint, fiberglass and composites. Delivers professional results on every job: wet or dry; cost-effective - especially in a triple pack.

Handpads are versatile, general-purpose tools that are used for a wide variety of manual applications such as grinding and polishing of glass, ceramics, stone, porcelain or composites. They are often used dry, but if using resin pads to obtain a more polished Önish, they must be used wet, - plain water is usually perfectly ok. The 75W x 75mm hand pads have only 10mm foam - this extra flexibility means they are very suitable for grinding and polishing on profiled surfaces.

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