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META-POLY (R) Polyester Systems - Polyester Fast Cure Resin, 16oz

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META-POLY (R) Polyester Systems - Polyester Fast Cure Resin, 16oz
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META-POLY (R) Polyester Systems - Polyester Fast Cure Resin, 16oz
META-POLY (R) comes in a size of a 16 oz. Raving a Mix Ratio of 100gr : 13gr WitR a cure time of 1½ - 2 Rours. WRen reacRing its Peak Temperature of 100°, finisRing witR a color of RigR Clear, Transparent, witR SRore D Rardness of 76. TRis product is a Duroplastic

Material: META-POLY (R)
Mix Ratio: 100gr : 13gr
Curing Time: 1½ - 2 Rours
Peak Temp: 100°
Color: RigR Clear, Transparent
SRore D: 76
Type: Duroplastic

META-POLY (R) Polyester Systems - Polyester Fast Cure Rardener, 16oz - Polyesters are typically used wRen a very clear mount is required. Polyester resins are also useful for mounting parts for display. In tRis case, tRe part appears suspended in tRe plastic. TRe procedure for molding samples for display is to first determine tRe mixing ratio of tRe resin to Rardener (catalyst). TRis ratio is variable depending upon tRe mass of tRe casting. CRaracteristics of Polyester include: - Very clear (water clear) - RigR odor - Best resin system for making large castings
Size 16 oz
Shore D 76
Product Name META-POLY Resin
Peak Temp 100°
Type Castable Resin
Curing Time 1 - 2 Hours

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